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Humble Bundle Brings $168 Worth of Might & Magic Games

A new Humble ‘Might & Magic’ Bundle is upon us, featuring $168 of games and content for just a minor fraction of the price.

Paying $1 or more will earn you Heroes of Might & Magic II: Gold Edition (includes all expansion packs), Heroes of Might & Magic IV: Complete Edition (includes all expansion packs), the Might & Magic 1 to 6 Collection, and Might & Magic Heroes Online – Angel Starter Pack.

Paying $12 (the average price) or more and you can also get Heroes of Might & Magic V, Might & Magic Heroes VI – Gold Edition, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, and Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes – I Am the Boss DLC. There are still games yet to be announced, and so you can expect to be informed later on about any additions.

Finally, paying $15 more more will get you everything above plus Might & Magic X Legacy, Heroes of Might & Magic 3 – HD Edition, Might & Magic X Legacy – The Falcon & The Unicorn DLC, Might & Magic Heroes VI – Shades of Darkness, and Might & Magic Duel of Champions – Starter Pack.

Almost 30,000 bundles have been sold so far, and you have around 12 days before this offer expires. If interested, head to Humble Bundle right now to secure all these games.

Keep in mind that when purchasing, you get to choose exactly how you want to split your money between Ubisoft, Humble themselves, and charity. This bundle’s donations goes to Doctors Without Borders, American Red Cross, and charity: water.