H1Z1 to Receive a Total Player and Server Wipeout Tomorrow

A new update for the survival MMO H1Z1 is underway which will add quite a few features accompanied by a full world and player wipeout.

According to a recent post on H1Z1 sub-reddit, the update will go live tomorrow and will add features such as Steam Marketplace support, several UI improvements, new crafting elements, first person BR, a new female model – announced earlier – and more. In addition to the said features, players will also receive a Daybreak Game Company shirt to celebrate the company’s new weblog and logo.

However, all the features are tied to complete player and server wipeout. The post continues to read that such things are expected from a patch of such size:

“A patch this size and the back-end changes on our side mean that we need to do a full player and server wipe.”

Player items will remain tied to players’ accounts, but everything else from inventory items to player built structures will get wiped. DGC has also assured that the said update will greatly improve stability:

“All of your items that are tied to your account will remain but all items in your inventory and player built structures will be reset. We don’t do wipes unless they are necessary and will improve the stability of the game.”

You can expect to read the full patch notes later tonight.