Final Fantasy XV Could See a Simultaneous Worldwide Release

According to Square Enix, they want a simultaneous worldwide release for Final Fantasy XV.  While responding to fan feedback regarding Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, director Hajime Tabata said that they are working towards a simultaneous worldwide release for Final Fantasy XV.

The release date isn’t yet announced by the creators, but we can hope to hear something at E3. Possibly a release date or a release window is expected.

Having a worldwide release on the same day isn’t common, most games release a day or two apart from each other in different regions. Pulling it off isn’t easy, but Tabata sounds determined.

Final Fantasy XV is a game that has been in development for years. It was originally named Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but later developers turned it into XV.

Developers recently released a demo for the game bundled with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The demo took place in the Duscae region of the game and according to a new announcement, developers are working on Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae version 2.0.

Developers are aiming to introduce improvements for the game’s camera system, targeting system and some AXB enhancements.

The demo update could be released in mid or late May. You can read more about it at the link posted above.