EVE Online Mosaic Update Brings Paint-Job Patterns, Open-Ended Opportunities & More

The Mosaic Update for MMORPG Eve Online has gone live, CCP Games has confirmed.

The said update adds a ton of extra features, effects, cruiser-sized Burner Missions and so much more. Some major changes made to the game include:

  • Permanent ship skins with over 100 gorgeous patterns
  • A new, more open-ended opportunities system for new players to discover the universe
  • Cruiser-sized burner missions offer serious PvE challenges to those daring enough to accept
  • New assembly effects for structures in space
  • Balancing to nullsec and lowsec ores
  • New forcefield effects for control towers
  • Tech 3 destroyer rebalances
  • Improved corporate role management interface
  • Two-factor authentication for account security
  • Nullsec infrastructure improvements
  • Balancing of battlecruiser warp speeds
  • Updates to the sensor overlay

CCP has also announced that it plans to roll out new content over the course of months. And therefore, in order to let players keep track of everything, the developer has launched a Dedicated Updates Page. The said weblog not only covers developer diaries, new videos, but also each and everything about new and upcoming game content.

For complete patch notes, you can to check this post.

Which of these changes are you looking forward to the most; do make sure to let us know in the Discussion Box below.