Battlefield Hardline Community Test-Environment Going Live Next Month, New Map To Be Tested

PC gamers! Get ready to shape up the future of Battlefield Hardline. Visceral has announced a new community test environment  where the developers will start to enlist members of the community, to help with the game and its features, improvements and more.

A similar CTE was also used with Battlefield 4, where players gave their feedback on new features, weapons, multiplayer maps and more. Same will be the case with Battlefield Hardline CTE in which players will help improve the game by testing features ahead of their public release.

CTE will launch on PC next month.

Visceral wrote in a post:

Coming next month, we will launch the Battlefield Hardline CTE on PC. Although it’s separate from the Battlefield 4 CTE, the Battlefield Hardline CTE will serve the same purpose. Members will be able to help us test gameplay fixes, balance tuning, and upcoming content before it gets into the game.

The first thing developers would like your feedback on is a new MP map called “Criminal Activity.” The map will be available to test in the CTE before going public.

The first thing we’re preparing to test on the Battlefield Hardline CTE is one of the new maps in Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity, in addition to netcode and bullet update improvements. We’ll have more info on that and how to sign up soon.

We’ll let you know as soon as updates are shared by Visceral Games. So stay-tuned for all things Battlefield.