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Xenoblade Chronicles X: Multiple DLC Packs Detailed

Xenoblade Chronicles X is going to feature a multitude of DLC packages, which will be available on May 8 in Japan.

“HB,” “Boze,” “Ierv” and “Aksena” are new characters that will be part of four DLC packages. Each package will include three of the character’s own quest lines and once completed, will allow you to recruit the character as a companion. Three of these packs will also include the blueprints and materials for unique Skells/Dolls, while the fourth will include a new weapon type. They will cost 500 Yen (around $4) each.

Three other DLC packages – termed as support quest packs – will introduce six quests each. These packs have been designed for players to earn more experience, resources and relations points than normal. They will cost 300 Yen ($2.52) each.

Purchasing all of the DLC together will save you about 45 percent of the total cost, which comes to around 2000 Yen (around $17). This basically means you pay the cost of the four character/Skell DLC packs and get all the support quest packs for free.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is now available in Japan on the Wii U, and will release in North America and Europe later this year.