The Next Segment Ep.13 – WTF Steam? Total Warhammer

This week on The Next Segment, there was no escaping Valve’s latest shifts. The introduction of paid mods had overtaken pretty much all other news.

As soon as paid mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim had been announced, the internet started catching fire from a massive, virtual riot. Some people resorted to immediately selling other modders’ content, leading to early removals.

In fact, the commotion has been so intense over the weekend that Valve has already announced the departure of the paid model. It’s like we always say: complaining works.

In other news, publisher Square Enix is planning its own conference at E3. Aside from hearing more about the new Star Ocean, we’re holding our breath for a Vagrant Story reboot.

Publisher Sega has its own big announcement this week, namely Total War: Warhammer. Going all in, the strategy game is the first in a planned trilogy.

Ubisoft’s ex golden child, Patrice Désilets, has finally revealed their new project. It’s called Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey and will have a fairly familiar vibe to their previous work on Assassin’s Creed and such.

Microsoft will remake the first Gears of War. Hopefully, it will fare better than the remake of the Master Chief Collection.

One more big announcement on The Next Segment this week. Telltale Games has tied the company to yet another big brand.

Comic stable Marvel will partner with Telltale for a game in 2017. More details are yet unknown.

For the biggest game of the week, we turn to Mad Max. A clip came out that finally revealed a ton of gameplay content, such as building up a vehicle, bashing enemies and eating exotic foods.

What’s going to make it on The Next Segment for the following week? No one knows, but it will be hard to beat this storm.