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Super Smash Bros DLC to Add New Modes, Online Features in Future

It has been a while since Super Smash Bros was released, what are you expecting from the developers now? If you are not expecting much, read on and you will!

The creator of Super Smash Bros, Masahiro Sakurai was recently talking to Japanese magazine Famitsu about the current development process of the game and what was keeping them busy in that connection.

While discussing all that he revealed some of their plans for the future DLC of the game; rejoice guys, you are in for a lot of new content! According to what Sakurai has shared (thanks SG for the translation), the future DLC will add new game modes as well as some additional online features.

He was talking about how the team has shrunken when he shed light on the upcoming DLC content:

Our team may have shrunk in size, but I’m still just as excited as ever to be pouring my heart and soul into my work every day. Given the different types of content we’re producing, it wouldn’t be surprising for the planning of one item to coincide with the development, balancing, and finalization of several others. We also have version updates, online features, and additional modes to worry about. It can be quite overwhelming, but it’s all about making players happy.

Obviously, he was not specifically discussing the additional content which is why he didn’t detail his plans. However, I am sure that we will soon be able to get specifics about the upcoming Super Smash Bros DLC.