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Sony’s James Fairbairn Wants To Know Your Desired PlayStation 4 Features

Well, it looks like Sony and its employees are pretty serious about introducing fan requested features in PlayStation 4. Not that they haven’t before, but recently they formally asked the PlayStation community on Twitter to let them know what features they would like to see.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida told fans to Tweet their feedback to Toshimasa Aoki’s on Twitter. Aoki is involved with the development of PS4 firmware updates.

Now, PlayStation Europe’s senior manager, James Fairbairn has come forward as well on Twitter to ask fans for feedback and suggestions.

The next major update for PlayStation 4 is yet to be dated or detailed, however, fans have started to guide Sony.

Some of the features fans wanted to see include:

1: Convenient way to find close friends in the Friends List.
2: DLNA Streaming
3: Support for PlayStation 1 and 2 Digital Games
4: Team Live Streaming

One fan even asked for a feature that will let us play Xbox One games on PS4. Hmmm.. I am pretty sure that’s never happening.

The feature I would like to see is the ability to transfer saves from one user account to another. That would be a great help!

What functionalities would you like to see in the PlayStation 4? More voice commands may be? Let us know down below.