League of Legends: Ashe Update Heads to PBE

Ashe is the next League of Legends champion to receive an update to her kit, and according to Riot Games is now available in the game’s Public Beta Environment servers for testing.

The frost archer belongs to the original pool of champions that were first released for the game when it was in its early days. Since then, she has pretty much walked the rift with her kit intact.

Now though, after her update, some of her abilities have been replaced with new ones, while others have been slightly tweaked. Here’s a rundown of hew new abilities:

Passive: Frost Shot (NEW)
Ashe slows whoever she damages with her basic attacks and abilities.

Ashe’s basic attacks always deal bonus damage to slowed targets, replacing her ability to critically strike. Bonus damage increases with her critical strike chance.

Q: Ranger’s Focus (NEW)
Passive: Ashe gains a stack of Focus whenever she slows an enemy, up to a cap of five stacks.

Active: Ashe gains a small amount of attack speed and applies a heavier Frost Shot slow for a few seconds. If Ashe has fully stacked her Focus, she also fires out a fast salvo of arrows with every basic attack for the ability’s duration.

W: Volley (IMPROVED)
Ashe nocks several arrows on her bow before firing them simultaneously in a large cone before her. Each arrow deals damage and slows its victim.

[NEW] Ashe fires more arrows than before. Targets are more likely to be hit by multiple arrows, but they’ll only take damage from one.

E: Hawkshot (IMPROVED)
Ashe commands her hawk to scout out an area. The hawk travels slowly, revealing areas it passes as it heads towards the target direction. Once the hawk reaches its destination, it hovers for a few seconds, revealing all non-stealthed units, even in brush.

[NEW] Hawkshot now has a global range. Ashe can store up to 2 Hawkshots for quick use, too.

R: Enchanted Crystal Arrow (Untouched)
Ashe fires a huge ice missile in a target direction, damaging and stunning the first enemy champion it hits, with the stun duration dependant on the distance the missile travels. Enchanted Crystal Arrow also damages and slows all neutral and enemy targets surrounding its victim.

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