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Halo Master Chief Collection Ranking System Loophole Found

It looks like the list of problems that 343 Industries is bound to face relating to Halo Master Chief Collection is never ending. When they think they are done with stabilizing the game and ready to push out new features, they get pushed down by issues in those new features too!

Giving the fans a stable game has taken half a year of tuning and improving what they released initially. With the April update, it was expected that the developers will be done with all that and ready to unleash the much awaited Ranking System.

They did that, but it appears that the Halo Master Chief Collection ranking system came with a major loophole.

Remember how players used to quit matches before they ended and were able to get away with it because they were not reprimanded the game for quitting or betraying others? The newly introduced ranking system was supposed to punish the early quitters by denting their ranking, but apparently, that is not the case.

Soon after the feature was released, it was figured out by the players that if they were losing a match and they quit before it ended, it would have no effect on their ranking. As a result, many of the players have started to pump up their ranks by dropping out of every game they are losing and staying in every game that they are winning.

343 Industries had promised the exact opposite of this, and now they are working to fix the problem – again.

Have you been playing Halo Master Chief Collection lately? Do you think the game’s buggy release will have a major impact on the way people are looking at Halo 5 Guardians?