Galaga Tekken Crossover Comes to iOS on April 30 – No Joke!

Remember the news about a Galaga and Tekken collaboration that spread like wild fire about a month ago but was later pronounced an April Fools’ joke?

Well, apparently it is not just a prank any more.

Famitsu has not only reported on the existence of the crossover but also confirmed that the game, titled Galaga Tekken 20th Anniversary Edition, is going to come out on April 30!

For those of you who do not know, Tekken is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and this new hybrid is supposed to commemorate the event. It does that by replacing all the ships in Galaga by characters from the fighting game. Of course the characters will be in 8-bit just like the rest of the game.

Oh and it also features Pac-Man for some reason.

The title is being released as a free download to iOS for now, but it could be that the developers will make it available on other platforms if it is successful on iOS.

Interested in whatever they have made? Check out the video above to see how it looks like and tell us if you will be downloading Galaga Tekken 20th Anniversary Edition on April 30.