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Donald Trump May Run For President of the US

Donald Trump in an interview on Monday revealed that he has reached a decision regarding his political stance.

Trump says, ‘I’ve made up my mind’ about the 2016 election, he might also be shifting to White House.

He further elaborated that he will be confirming his ‘white house’ plans by June or July, he also claims that the decision he has made will make a lot of people happy.

“I’ll be making a decision very soon and I think a lot of people are going to be very happy with my decision. But I think in my own mind I know what I’m going to do. If I go, and there’s a real good chance of it, believe me, you’ll be very happy.”

Mr. Trump is in full presidential avatar, he does not only look like a candidate but he is also speaking like one. He believes that he is the ‘only’ potential candidate for America’s president.

“We have to make our country rich again. And when we do that, we have to make our country great again. And there’s nobody running for office that can do that other than if I run, and if I run I guarantee you it will be done.”

This is not the first time Donald Trump has criticized anyone, he uses Twitter often to reach out to the audience but rather makes them hate Trump and call him ‘racist’ and ‘Rude’.

Trump has very openly criticized President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton (Democratic presidential frontrunner) and Sen. Marco Rubio (potential GOP nominee).

“You know Rubio was very much in favor of doing the whole thing with amnesty and everything. All of a sudden he was shooting down like a dropped rock and he changed his stance entirely, Rubio is very, very, weak on immigration.”

Talking about Sen. Marco Rubio, he said that he is ‘weak’ and changes his stance. Donald Trump has hired campaign strategists, created a presidential exploratory committee and opening several offices in Manchester, Iowa and South Carolina.