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WWE: Daniel Bryan Pulled Out of Extreme Rules Due to Injury

WWE star Daniel Bryan who was to fight at Extreme Rules to defend the title of Intercontinental Championship has been pulled out due to severe injury.

WWE confirmed it via Twitter that Daniel Bryan will not be competing at the pay-per-view.

Bryan before the confirmation of his exit talked about his fears and the shuffle in matches that happen all the time. Prior to WrestleMania 31, he said that he is excited for what is coming ahead and all that’s happening with Intercontinental Title.

“My fear in losing is getting lost in the shuffle [of a match], which happens all the time in the WWE. To be more excited to see what I’m doing with the Intercontinental Title than anything that’s going on with the World Heavyweight Title.”

Extreme Rules event was featuring a fight between Bryan and Bad News Barrett; it was expected to be an epic face off. Bryan was fighting to defend his belt while Barrett wanted to take back the title which he lost to Bryan at WrestleMania 31, seven-man ladder match.

Barrett previously said that he is ready to face Bryan and he will make an example of him, he believes that Bryan was just lucky at the WrestleMania 31. Barrett also adds that Bryan is nowhere near his level of fighting.

“So I want to make an example of him at Extreme Rules. So any weapons, except for a ladder. I’m prepared to go with that stipulation.”

Now, Neville will fight against Wade Barrett.