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Valve Employee on Steam Paid Mods: “We May be Wrong”

Steam paid mods went live on April 24, 2015 in the midst of massive hue and cry and a lot of heated debates for and against the step.

While many of us don’t want them, and have voiced their concerns everywhere possible, Gabe Newell of Valve has decided to go with the decision. In fact he says that they are “pretty reluctant to tell any developer that they have to do something or they can’t do something.”

On the other hand, one of Valve’s own employees has said something different. Robin Walker of Valve, who is also known for the Team Fortress Quake mod, sent out an email explaining, and in fact defending the step that allows Steam paid mods.

However, down the line he says that thy could actually be “completely” wrong for choosing this:

We may be completely wrong. In anything as complex as today’s games environment, you can never be certain in any prediction. If it turns out we are wrong, and that this somehow results in fewer good mods, or no free ones, or unhappy mod makers, then we’ll fix it, even if that means removing the feature entirely. The fundamental strength of the PC is that PC gamers improve their games, with or without the support of the developer, and we have every interest in keeping that alive.

However, it looks like he is just discussing a scenario that could turn out instead of revealing what he thinks about this.

The important part here is that this means there is hope for the PC users who don’t want Steam paid mods that the decision to allow them might get reversed in the future if it turns out to be a bad decision.