Dying Light Trailer Teases Upcoming Features For Developer Tools

Techland has released a new trailer for Dying Light, which teases some of the features heading to the game’s developer tools in the next update.

In the current version of the tool kit, players are able to create and customize maps in various ways for the open-world survival game. With the next update, however, players will be equipped with new tools to create and customize terrain, import custom models inside, and add multiplayer support to the player created custom content.

As it is, only the PC version is able to take advantage of the modding aspect of Dying Light.

In the aftermath of Steam’s decision to allow for paid mods – deemed controversial based on the community’s reaction – we’ll see if Techland decides to enforce that option for Dying Light. Seeing how well the developer’s support for modding has so far been, and met by the community for that matter, it would be disastrous if paid mods hit the game in the end.

In related news, there’s a Developer Tools Contest being run right now. All you have to do is upload your Dying Light creation and hope to win a brand new Nvidia ASUS GTX 980 Strix graphics card. That’s just the grand prize amongst many others.