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Destiny House of Wolves Factions, Legendary Weapons, Armor Detailed

As we close in on the release date of Destiny House of Wolves expansion, it becomes more and more important that you know what is in store for you.

So here we are with a roundup on at least some of the things you need to know i.e. the new legendaries being introduced as well as the new factions.

In total there are three new factions namely Queen’s Wrath (led by Petra Venj), House of Judgement (led by Variks) and lastly the Disciples of Osiris (led by Brother Vance).

Queen’s Wrath members are devoted to getting rid of the House of Wolves rebels whereas the House of Judgement faction is full of Fallen haters. Just as the name suggests Disciples of Osiris is probably going to reward you for taking part in Trials of Osiris.

If you didn’t know it before, know it now that Destiny House of Wolves Expansion is not going to ask you to upgrade your gear from scratch. Instead you will either be able to keep upgrading and use existing ones or employ the new legendaries.

We have listed down the new Legendary Weapons and Legendary Armors that are going to come your way with Destiny House of Wolves expansion alongside their base defense. Here you go:

Legendary Weapons

  • Wolfslayer’s Claw – Auto Rifle – 365
  • Pacifier X – Machine Gun – 331
  • Vindicator XI – Auto Rifle – 331
  • Red Hand IX – Hand Cannon – 331
  • Zero Point LOTP – Scout Rifle – 331
  • Low Down P-XIV – Auto Rifle – 331
  • Shadow Price – Auto Rifle – 300
  • Fatebringer – Hand Cannon – 300
  • Deviant Gravity-A – Machine Gun – 331
  • Hard Luck Charm – Shotgun – 331

Legendary Armor

  • Kellbreaker’s Gloves – Warlock Gauntlet – 402
  • Elector’s Robe – Warlock Chestpiece – 488
  • Elector’s Hood – Warlock Helm – 447
  • Gloves of the Hezen Lords – Warlock Gauntlet- 226
  • Deathsinger’s Herald – Warlock Greaves – 293
  • Dead Light Wrap – Warlock Chestpiece – 488

Destiny House of Wolves expansion comes out on May 19, 2015.