Star Citizen Cargo Interaction Detailed by Cloud Imperium

Star Citizen is such a massively funded game that it makes you wonder how much will they be able to create for the space based game lovers.

We know they have tons of ships and hundreds of thousands of tiny details for each, but this time they are discussing something altogether different.

In a new post on the official website of Star Citizen, the developers Cloud Imperium have introduced Cargo based interactions and how they fit into the game. In the post they have discussed the development of suitable cargo specially for the game too:

On first consideration, making cargo sexy might seem like a difficult challenge. The excitement of combat is self-explanatory, while shipping goods from star to star is a different kind of challenge, potentially more of a slow burn. The average pilot would be forgiven for having more interest in a dogfighting module than a cargo demo… but the reality is, cargo is deeply important to expanding Star Citizen’s gameplay. Whether you’re using it to customize your environment, to build a shipping empire or to run black market goods from Advocacy patrols, a comprehensive cargo system is going to enable Star Citizen to build a real world full of varied gameplay opportunities.

Moving on, they have explained five different “use cases” for the Cargo in the game. Titled Player to Item, Player to Massive Item, Player to Container, Player to Pallet and Player to Cargo Bay, these kinds of interactions will define what you can and cannot do with the items.

Head straight to the official website of the developers to find out more about them, or check back for more later.