Frank Miller Will Write a Sequel to ‘Dark Knight’ for DC Comics

It is official, DC Comics announced today that they have a new ‘Dark Knight’ sequel in store for fans and guess who is coming back; the controversial writer Frank Miller, who has been criticized and loved at the same time (although a lot of his work since 90s failed critically).

The writer of ‘300’ and the Batman books following into super hit movies for Warner Bros. will be writing Dark Knight Trilogy, the third installment in the franchise. Frank Miller also announced the news on his twitter, which he rarely does.

“Batman remains my favorite comic book hero and a sequel to Dark Knight is going to be daunting, but we’ll do our best”

Miller says that the new miniseries will be intimating and overwhelming, but wait a second did he say WE? So who is he collaborating with? He will be teaming up Brian Azzarello, the writer of Wonder Woman.

“It’s been an amazing experience collaborating with Frank these past six months. I think we have an epic story that these characters truly deserve.”

Brian Azzarello adds that over the past six months, they have drafted an epic story and working with Miller has been incredible.

“We are thrilled to have Frank back home at DC writing Batman. The story he and Brian have crafted is an astounding and triumphant conclusion to this seminal body of work which influenced and shaped generations of readers and creators alike.”

Co-Publishers for DC Entertainment, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee are thrilled for the trilogy and believe that Miller and Brian have done an amazing job at crafting the conclusion. The plot details of the miniseries ‘The Dark Knight III: The Master Race’ remain unclear. However, it will come out in eight parts, beginning in Fall this year, two each month.