Fable Legends Gets a Guide to Villainy Episode 1 From Lionhead

Ever since the Twitter profile of Fable Legends was lambasted by fans for posting images on the National Cleavage Day, Lionhead Studios has been a little quiet on the internet – not saying the two things are related!

However, they have now taken to the official forums of the game and shared a new video (first in the series of many, apparently) that will act for you as a “Guide to Villainy.”

Chicken Chasers! We’ve created a series of helpful Villain tutorial videos, which are now available to watch in a handy playlist on our Youtube channel.

While it does not need any elaboration, the videos are going to act as tutorials that will guide the villains through numerous features of Fable Legends.

They have also provided the users with a link to the full playlist of all the Guide to Villainy videos are posted on YouTube.

Go there and you will see tutorials relating to setting things up for beginners, combat, creature orders, traps and advanced set up – for now.

It has been quite some time since Fable Legends has been in development at Lionhead Studios for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, but so far they have not shared a specific release date.