Christian Bale Knee Injury Results in the Delay of The Deep Blue Goodbye

Fox’s long in production movie The Deep Blue Goodbye has been halted following the knee injury of Christian Bale who was set to star as the Titular lead in the feature.

Deep Blue Goodbye is the first of the 21 mystery-adventure book series written by John D. MacDonald. It follows the story of Travis McGee (Bale) who lives by himself on a boat house and calls himself a ‘salvage consultant’ living on the fee provided by people who want their properties recovered. However, in the process he makes a lot of enemies.

Bale just before starting the shooting tore his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). He would not be able to continue filming for Deep Blue Goodbye as of now but he will carry on with his other projects like The Big Short, because they require less physical activity.

James Mangold was set to direct the feature, he will now move on to shooting Wolverine 3 and will finish it before expected. Bale is currently very much in demand and getting Mangold and Bale together again at the same time would be difficult as both have their schedules set for years to come.

The Deep Blue Goodbye will also feature Peter Dinklage, Rosamund Pike and Nicola Peltz. The project has been in development since the 1990s so we hope it does not gets scrapped off. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran will produce the movie if it manages to hit the filming phase.