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Capcom Files Trademark for Something Called “Capcom Fighters Network”

Capcom is currently working on the highly anticipated Street Fighter V game for PlayStation 4 and PC. In-depth details about the game are limited but Capcom has now filed a new trademark that could tell us more about Street Fighter V.

The trademark in question is for something called “Capcom Fighters Network.” This sounds like some sort of fighters hub for players of Street Fighter V.

The trademark was filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and describes Capcom Fighters Network as a computer program that would “enable uploading, accessing, posting, displaying, tagging, blogging, linking, sharing or otherwise providing images, information, data and electronic media over the Internet”

This indicates that this would allow players to share replays, videos, images etc from their game to Capcom Fighters Network with other players.

Of course, this could mean something completely different as well. This could also be some sort of a web portal that allows players to take surveys, see rankings of other players, sign-up for tournaments and more.

The trademark was also filed in Japan, in addition to the United States. Capcom is yet to share a comment regarding this trademark but we will let you know if anything new comes-up.

As revealed before, Street Fighter V will feature cross-platform play between PC and PlayStation 4. A social hub like feature will surely be beneficial for the experience of gamers on both platforms.

Street Fighter V is coming out sometime in 2016.