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Warcraft Movie Delayed, Coming in June 2016

Warcraft fans! We have some disappointing news for you guys. Don’t worry nothing big and shocking, just that Warcraft movie has been delayed.

The original release date was March 11 2016, but according to a new announcement the film will come out on June 10 now. The new release date is for North American territories.

As the name suggests, the movie is based on the popular video game called World of Warcraft, from developer Blizzard. Warcraft is a 3D movie described as an “epic adventure of world-colliding conflict”

As for the director who will portray this epic film, he is non-other than Duncan Jones.  He is directing the film based on a script he co-wrote with Charles Leavitt.

Thankfully, the delay isn’t a long one so we will have to wait just a couple of months longer than originally expected.

Warcraft isn’t the only film that’s delayed. Unfortunately, Pacific Rim 2 is pushed to August 2017. The film was originally expected in April 2017.

News of delays doesn’t end there, The Mummy is also the victim so instead of releasing on June 24, 2016, the movie will now be released on March 24, 2017.

That’s a whole year!

We are trying to reach the creators of these films to get an understanding as to why these films are delayed. We’ll get back to you shortly.