Tom Cruise Might Star in Bob the Musical

Tom Cruise might be appearing in a Disney musical! Yes you heard that right, our action hero could be jumping into a comedy-musical genre.

According to sources Tom Cruise is circling the lead role in Disney’s Bob the Musical.

The movie has been in development since 2004, the feature is gaining popularity again at the Studios. Allan Loeb has recently written a script, more like a draft, for the movie and according to the piece, it revolves around a guy who starts hearing the songs of people’s hearts after hitting his head. To his disappointment, his life turns into a musical show.

Several filmmakers including Phil Lord, Adam Shankman and Chris Miller previously circled the movie. However, Disney is eyeing the French director Michel Hazanavicius to collaborate with the studios. The Oscar winning director of The Artist is already attached to Will, another US comedy.

“It is an amazing, wonderful idea. I need to have a strong desire and good idea, Just to make money that would be the worst thing to do. Now in France this kind of irony is everywhere. And I’m not sure irony is the best answer.”

Hazanavicius talked about the movie at a film festival in Los Angeles on Thursday. He talked about the so called comedies/parodies of James Bong showing him as sexist and racist is just sad.

Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson along with Chris Bender will produce the Musical. Tom Cruise will be next seen in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Details about the premiere date of Bob the Musical remain unknown for now.