Report: Spike Lee Involved in Developing NBA 2K16, Cover Art Leaked

Here’s a really interesting piece of information , Spike Lee – the Oscar nominated filmmaker – is involved in the development of this year’s installment of NBA 2K. The claim was made by a recent report based on a source close to the game.

The source isn’t the only thing that suggests Lee’s involvement with the game. Some marketing material – three cover arts from the game – were leaked as well.

The cover arts for NBA 2K16 say “Be The Story” and shows three different stars including Stephen Curry of Golden State, James Harden of Houston and Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City.

The cover arts were meant to be shared on social media by the above mentioned players. The share will contain the writing “I’m  starring [in] the new Spike Lee Joint!”

Lee is also mentioned on the cover of NBA2K16.

According to the source, he is handling the game’s career mode and he seems to be best suited for the job. His love and association with NBA is not hidden from anybody. Rumors of his involvement in an “NBA video-game” have been going around for a while now.

In the light of this new report, it seems all of these rumors were indeed true. 2K hasn’t commented on the leaked information and it’s unlikely they will until the game is officially announced.

We will let you know if something new is shared by the developers. Till then, feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!