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Petition Asking Valve to Take Down Paid Mods Attracts More Than 34,000 Signatures in a Day

Yesterday saw Valve announce a major change in its Steam Workshop policies, allowing all modders to now be able to sell their creations in the Steam Market.

It didn’t take long for the community to assemble and voice displeasure over the new change. Just a day in, the backlash to the paid mods has proven to be intense. There’s now a petition on which is demanding that Valve “remove the paid content of the Steam Workshop.” It has attracted more than 34,000 signatures so far in less than 24 hours.

The major concern amongst modders is that the open market is not going to be curated. It makes sense if you think about the thousands of different mods that are currently available for Skyrim alone, and the size of Valve itself.

There’s nothing stopping people from stealing content from others and putting it up for themselves. It has already begun and the first such mod has been pulled back by Steam.

Additionally, Valve is taking 75 percent of every sale, leaving modders with just 25 percent – and that too if only one person has worked on the project, else that figure too has to be divided amongst everyone.

Juggling all of the concerns, the community believes that paid mods will do more harm to the modding community than good. Valve of course has no obligation to respond to public petitions. The company, however, may issue a statement addressing these concerns.