Mad Max Allows You To Take On Difficult Bases Early On as a Challenge

Mad Max will feature various bases that will vary in difficulty, giving players a tailored experience by allowing them to decide for themselves of how big a challenge they wish to take on.

“We do sort of telegraph difficulty, with every camp has a difficulty marking,” the game’s producer John Fuller explained in the latest issue of GamesMaster. “Then you’ll see maybe one or two in each territory that are called Top Dog camps, kind of like a finale for that region where you have a boss fight.

He further mentioned that as the difficulty of camps increases, the number of enemies will increase as well, and so will other threats. “If you consistently choose to go in gung-ho without preparing yourself, then obviously you can give yourself a very hard gaming experience.”

A video released yesterday showed us the first look at gameplay in Mad Max. You can check that out here, and take glimpses at customization options, melee and car combat, and more.

Mad Max is scheduled for release on September 1 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Avalanche Studios is releasing two major titles this year, and Mad Max will release prior to Just Cause 3, which is currently slated for release in winter.

via GamesRadar