Evolve Proving Grounds Tournament Announces $100,000 Winning Prize

Evolve Proving Grounds is a tournament organized through the collaboration of 2K Games and eSports League (ESL), and which looks to crown the best player in this asymmetrical shooter.

Opening qualifiers for the tournament will begin online on Sunday, April 26 on the Xbox One, in both Europe and the United States. This phase will stretch to four weeks of online competition, after which the players who survive will be invited to ESL studios in Cologne, Germany and Burbank, California for a travel-expenses-paid offline tournament.

The grand final of Evolve Proving Grounds will take place in Los Angeles during the week of E3 2015, which begins on June 15. The winning player will not only receive bragging rights, but also get to walk home with $100,000.

“Evolve has commanded the attention of the gaming world since – and before – its release in February of this year. We consistently see demand for the game at our events and are happy to now be doing more with it in terms of esports competition,” David Hiltscher, Vice President of Gaming Communities at ESL, commented in a press release. “The future looks bright for Evolve esports, and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

Evolve is a four-versus-one shooter where four hunters take on a player-controller monster. The objective is to simply hunt down the monster before he becomes too strong and sweeps the floor with them.