Adventure-Exploration Game Submerged Gets Announcement Trailer

Submerged is a new adventure title from Uppercut Games which promotes exploration with a “no failure states” design in place. This means that players are free to explore the world without any risk of dying.

Submerged finds Miku and her wounded brother Taku reach a flooded city by boat. Here Miku must find a safe place for her brother to rest and recover, while she heads out in search for supplies to help him heal faster.

As Miku, players will use the boat and a telescope to locate supply caches stashed in buildings that are half submerged and overgrowing with weed. During your progression, you will also come to interact with the city’s residents.

Clues and stories will help you discover the origins of the city and how it came to its current state, as well as why the residents of the city are “malformed copies of native sea-life.” The most important mystery though will be for you to uncover what made the people there decide to venture into this flooded city.

Submerged is in development for consoles, PC and mobile. It is being powered by Unreal Engine 4 and is looking at a release date this year. You can check out its announcement trailer above.