Square Enix Plans Dedicated E3 2015 Conference on June 16

Square Enix has been keeping busy with new projects and announced ones in the past few months. We know that they are knee deep in the development of Final Fantasy XV, there was this Project CKP, they have the development of Just Cause 3 finally, they have announced Star Ocean 5 and last month they were surveying fans for feedback on future projects too!

So yeah, it would be a pretty solid guess if I say that they are going to be really busy at this year’s biggest gaming event i.e. E3 2015.

In light of that, the publisher/ developer has announced that they will be holding a dedicated press conference at the big day.

On June 16, just before E3 2015 kicks off, Square Enix will be your host:

With some of the most anticipated games for 2015 and beyond, Square Enix is hosting a dedicated E3 conference in downtown LA on Tuesday, June 16, at 9 AM right before E3 kicks off. More details will be available soon – just make sure to mark your calendar.

They have also confirmed that the press conference will be streamed. Those of you who are interested in watching it should bookmark this YouTube link.

None of the big studios are willing to share extensive details on their plans for such big conferences, so it is not a surprise that Square Enix has only shared this much about their E3 2015 conference.

Nonetheless, we are only a month and a half away from the mega event, so it I guess we will find out what they have in store for us soon enough.