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Pokemon Rumble World Hacked, Passcodes Shared Online

The following news will not make Nintendo happy, their recently released free-to-play game Pokemon Rumble World has been hacked. The game uses a free-to-play model with in-game microtransactions, but it seems hackers didn’t feel like paying a single penny.

They were able to hack all passcodes for the game and post them online. Using those codes allow players to buy items from the store free of charge.

All of these codes are available on Reddit, but we don’t think it’s right to post them here. So if you wish to take a look at the codes, visit the link we provided.

From what I know, the game doesn’t feature any unfair microtransactions. Even if it does, I don’t think it’s right to hack the game and cause developers to lose money.

With that said, the game does feature some limitations that could become frustrating and from the looks of it, some hackers indeed became frustrated.

The leaked passcodes are one time use only and are valid for Japan, USA and Europe. Players are also able to redeem some popular Pokemon including Charizard, Hydreigon, and Togepi.

Nintendo is yet to share a statement regarding the hack. We’ll let you know of anything new comes-up.