Metal Gear Online Devs Answer Tons of Questions Posed by Fans

Metal Gear Online developers have been discussing the game a lot lately. Only recently they revealed that the game will support up to 16 players on the console as well as the PC version. Before that we were told that the game will not have any achievements or trophies.

Now they have decided to tackle questions from the community that is always eager to know more about upcoming games they love.

Firstly, the developers were asked if Raiden was going to be playable in Metal Gear Online. While their reply did not specifically mention Raiden, they have confirmed you will be able to play as Ocelot and Snake, oh and more characters might get added:

You can play as Snake and Ocelot at least, we’re looking to add more. Someone suggested an animated fiddle…

Could this mean that there is a chance for Raiden being featured as a playable character?

In terms of XP boosts and events they have already planned, the developers stated that “there is an xp boost that comes with the Collector’s Edition and Day One Editions.” Also, the game has a progression system that will be detailed later.

Also, Metal Gear Online has bullet drops; “but all the systems for MGO are balanced for multiplayer so you can expect some changes.”

There are many other details that have been shared for Metal Gear Online by the developers, if you are interested in knowing it all, head straight to the official Twitter profile of the game.

That being said, they are still answering the questions that have been posted at them – so expect more information to trickle down gradually.