Mad Max Gets First Gameplay Footage; Its Crazy!

The screenshots and concept art shared by the developers of Mad Max might not have satiated your anticipation; and that is something Avalanche Studios would not want.

So here we are with the first gameplay footage for the post-apocalyptic vehicular combat based title that builds on the insanely popular movie series of the same name.

While Mad Max is not how he looked like in the films, he has te same attitude and love for vehicles. As you can see in the video embedded above, the game is going to feature a lot of cars (and other variety of drivable vehicles) reminiscent of the movie.

The footage toggles between gameplay clips and UI screens for customization of vehicles and the character itself. All the while you can hear the narrator helping you get acquainted with the game’s setting.

It also mentions the importance of upgrading gear and abilities to be able to take on tougher enemies as you progress through Mad Max.

There is a lot more to grasp at in the video and it would be wise to let you just get on with it.

Mad Max is being developed for Linux, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it comes out on September 1.