Just Cause 3 Won’t Feature a Photo Mode, Square Enix Confirms

If there is any game that deserves a photo mode, it’s Just Cause. The series features some mind blowing and destructive gameplay, that is worth capturing on an in-game camera. The same kind of mayhem is expected from Just Cause 3, and with the added power of the next-gen consoles, the visuals will be amazing.

So, capturing those special moments when rico blows up his enemies are going to be even more special. But wait, how could this be? According to the game’s official Twitter page, Just Cause 3 will not have a photo mode.

That’s a really surprising decision considering the amount of awesome moments this game will surely have. Photo mode is something every other game features these days, one of the popular examples is Grand Theft Auto V. Not adding it into the game won’t gel well with the fans.

The Twitter post said that the photo mode isn’t planned for the release. However, who said they can’t add it to the game afterwards? Surely if fans are demanding enough, there will be a photo mode in Just Cause 3 via an update.

Another report suggests that there is no demo planned for the game as well. A link was provided for confirmation that takes us to the official Just Cause Twitter page, but it seems the post has been removed.

We are trying to reach Square Enix to know more about the demo and why isn’t it planned for Just Cause 3.