Game Talk Ep.12 – Nom Nom Demo, Class of Heroes 3 Localization?

There’s a new episode of Game Talk to go with another week of exciting projects. More so than ever, there’s some live gameplay to go with the chit chat, because that’s what it’s all about.

We start with colorful, 2D sandbox game, Nom Nom Galaxy. As the project from the Pixeljunk series creators continues into Early Access, a giant update has added a ton more to do.

Additionally, Nom Nom Galaxy has reduced its price to $9.99. This move will stay like that until the end of Early Access.

Crypt of the Necrodancer is done with Early Access and launches full on Steam imminently. There will be additional content to have here as well.

There’s a new Adventure Time game coming. In full, the game is called Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations and it will launch on pretty much all consoles.

This week’s theme on Game Talk is Steam demos. We try to play some, though that may not always be as evident, apparently.

For fans of stealth action, there’s Ronin, which moves like a cross between Gunpoint and Mark of the Ninja.

In The Weapongraphist, a warrior takes on a dungeon with tons of different enemies that hold unique weapons. Using those weapons, you’ll be able to progress further into eclectic rooms.

Trying The Uncanny Valley’s Steam demo didn’t work out, but there is still Charmixy, a cute match-3 game currently on We go with the games that work as intended.

Lastly, behold our prophetic powers as we predict the localization of Class of Heroes 3 from publisher Gaijinworks. That announcement was just made official as of writing, along with Summon Night 5.

We’re off to prepare another week in Game Talk. Feel free to throw suggestions at us as we’re always ready to look at the next awesome thing in video games.