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Female Character Models Heading to H1Z1

Sony’s survival sandbox MMO H1Z1 is getting ready to introduce female character models in the next couple of weeks, Daybreak Game Company has announced.

“Hoping to get the female model into H1Z1 in the next two weeks,” wrote CEO John Smedley on Twitter today. “Trying for late next week.”

H1Z1 has been in early access since January this year. The developer continues to work on various aspects of the game, improving existing and adding new features. Overhauling the look and diversity of both male and female avatars in the game was one item on the studio’s to-do-list.

Work on the new female models began early last month and from clay models released to us, the models are going to “be relatively the same height as the male model.” They also are atheltic in nature, and not too over the top when it comes to human anatomy.

“We are also creating male and female equivalent clothing,” added the game’s art director Sebastian Strzalkowski. “If you find a pair of jeans in H1Z1 as a male PC and wear them, you’ll have the male version visually; if you find that same pair as a female PC, you’ll have the female version visually.”

He assured that no garment would be limited to either of the sexes and will “always be a 1:1 equivalent for each one.”

This year, H1Z1 has grown to sell more than 1 million copies in its early access state. The game has come far since its early days of server instability. It is currently being worked for the PC and PlayStation 4. A release date, however, is yet to be announced.