Elite: Dangerous to Introduce Factions With Powerplay Update

Players will soon be able to join different factions in Elite: Dangerous, developer Frontier Developments has revealed.

Dubbed as “Powers,” players will be working for whoever they please and in the process, gaining different perks, reputation bonuses, and credits. The developer describes these “Powers” as either organizations or characters with figureheads. Each, however, will be dominating a region of human-occupied space.

“These powers have their own ethos and methods,” said lead designer Sandro Sammarco. “How they take control of systems varies depending on whether they favour warlike or more pacifist methods. Some will conquer systems with economics, others by just sending in the troops. Either way, you can be part of that.”

The Powerplay update is scheduled to go live next month and is the third major content update for Elite: Dangerous. Once it does, players will find a new tab on the galaxy map which will show the current state of galactic control. These will highlight neighboring enemies, regions under control, borders and more.

The benefits gathered from joining a Power can vary, but you will most likely be offered better deals, cheaper repair costs, reduced fines, and increased values for exploration data. Some factions will even offer reputation bonuses, ultimately giving you access to faction-exclusive starships.

The more space your Power controls, the farther you can travel, trade and fight under your Power’s protection and benefits.

via Eurogamer