Dragon Age Keep Updated to Include More Customization and Control

Dragon Age Keep has been updated to feature several improvements, all of which are based on a stream of feedback that BioWare has been listening to since last year.

The Dragon Age Keep is all about letting you shape and share your Dragon Age experience the way you see fit, and we have been listening to your feedback on how to make it better. In our latest release, we introduce a number of features that give you more customizability and control over your Dragon Age legacy, including your heroes, world states, and career.

Players now have the important ability to go through all the decisions that were presented inside Dragon Age: Inquisition. Shortly after its release, BioWare added the main plot points from the game to the app. However, it is only now that players are finally able to view the discussions which can be unlocked while playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The new customization options now allow users to upload custom portraits and to delete Dragon Age: Inquisition heroes from the Hero section. Additionally, players can also delete saved playthrough settings from the world state manager. Up to 100 different states can be kept and creating a new one will automatically rewrite the oldest.

A new Request Unlock feature gives players the ability to update the Keep with the different “challenges, accomplishments, and rewards” achieved in the first two games. These will only be unlocked inside the Keep and will have no impact on the game state.

For more detailed information on the update, head over to the official posting on BioWare’s blog.