Bloodborne Patch 1.03 is Live, Improves Load Times and Fixes Bugs

Bloodborne patch 1.03 has gone live according to a post by PlayStation Europe. Those who have played, and even those who didn’t, will know that Bloodborne features some pretty frustrating loading times.

Players have reported 2-3 minutes of loading, which becomes annoying as you are eager to jump back into the game, after being killed over and over.

Thankfully, Sony and From Software previously promised a patch that will improve loading times. I am happy to report that the patch is here.

The next time you log-in to the game, you will be asked to download the patch. You can play the game without downloading, but similar to other patches and updates, you won’t be able to use network features until the patch is installed.

Loading times are improved from 5 to 15 seconds, that’s not a big change but hey, something is better than nothing. Patch 1.03 will also fix an issue that left many lifts and elevators disabled, and here I thought I’m going the wrong way.

You can see the changelog below:

  • Reduced loading times (approx. 5-15 seconds; may vary by circumstance).
  • Fixed bug that left certain lifts and elevators inoperable.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in bosses becoming immobilized.
  • Fixed bug that left players unable to advance NPC events during multi-play.
  • When the PS4 is put into Rest Mode during online play, the game will now return to the main title screen upon
  • resuming play. This will resolve matchmaking issues related to Suspend/Resume.
  • Other various bug fixes.

As difficult as Bloodborne is, it’s a game you just can’t stop playing. The title is well received by fans and has sold over one million copies.

For more on Bloodborne, stay-tuned.