Advanced Warfare Gets Free ATLAS Intel Character Gear Set

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare developers stated on a recent post they made, that “Supply Drops […] are big parts of the new era of Call of Duty Multiplayer.” In the same post they have introduced a new ATLAS Intel Character Gear Set in the game as part of the supply drop loot.

That is not the big news though! The big news is you can get that as well as the ATLAS Intel EXO if you crank up the game today!

Developer Sledgehammer Games took to the official forums of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and revealed not only an image showing off a soldier donning the ATLAS Intel Character Gear Set but also the exact specifics you would need to know in order to get your hands on it.

The devs say that “the ATLAS Intel Character Gear Set is available to anyone that plays Advanced Warfare,” however, there is a window when you can get it.

You have between 9:00AM PDT Wednesday, April 22, and 9:00AM Thursday, April 23. The process is simple, just play the game and you will be rewarded with the ATLAS Intel EXO:

As a special thanks to our fans and to celebrate Earth Day, we are giving everyone that plays Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare today (from Wednesday, 4/22 at 9AM PDT to Thursday, 4/23 at 9AM PDT) the ATLAS Intel EXO as an exclusive reward just for playing. Be sure to play during this time or you’ll miss out on your only chance to get this exclusive loot piece. The new set, minus the exclusive EXO, is now a permanent part of the 1000+ pieces of loot available via supply drops. Will you be the first to own the full set?

So guys, who is up for some sniping in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare?