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Starbound New Stable Update Adds Teleporters, Planet Bookmarks, Ship Pets

Chucklefish, the developers of Starbound have released a new stable update for the adventure title. Not just that, they have also released extensive patch notes explaining what has been added, removed, improved or fixed.

We have only listed down the new features that have been added in relation to Telelporters, Ship Pets and Planet Bookmarks that will be new to Starbound. For the rest of the updates, we suggest that you visit the official website of the game.

  • Players can now save planet locations in the cockpit navigation interface
  • Select a planet, then select ‘Add Bookmark’ to bookmark it
  • Select a bookmarked planet from the list to set it as your navigation target
  • Players can now place and register teleporters on planets
  • Interact with a teleporter to add it to your list of registered destinations, which you can return to from any other teleporter
  • Can also be used to teleport directly to party members
  • Find Teleporter Cores in the world
  • New Outpost store, the 2-Stop Teleshop, lets you use a Teleporter Core to create various types of teleporters to suit your style
  • Breaking a teleporter destroys it, but refunds the Teleporter Core
  • Outpost store includes a teleporter you can register for easy access to the outpost
  • All player ships should now be inhabited by a non-combat pet corresponding to the character’s race, in one of a wide variety of color options
  • Pets will investigate held items and various ship objects
  • Pets can be fed and will develop preferences for certain foods
  • Terramart now sells several pet-related items
  • Food Bowl to keep your pet fed while you’re busy adventuring
  • Pet Ball for your pets to play with
  • Pet House for your pets to sleep in adorably

Other than this, Chucklefish has made changes to telelportation, how you return to the worlds and pathfinding. Similarly, a new biome for Slime Caves has been added and a new location called The Ark has also been introduced to Starbound.

There also are numerous miscellaneous changes that have been made to the game that will bring numerous improvements, fixes and optimizations.

Starbound has been released only on Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux so far. The game’s PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 version still don’t have a release date.