Star Wars Battlefront Will Use a System Similar to Battlelog

We reported a few days ago that Star Wars Battlefront will not be using Battlelog. DICE, the developer behind Star Wars Battlefront, shot rumors down after baseless speculations were spreading like wild fire.

However, even after DICE said there won’t be a Battlelog for Battlefront, it was safe to say that there will be a similar system in place. That assumption has turned out to be true, as Uprise confirmed a similar server browser for Battlefront that is being created from scratch.

It was pretty apparent from the start that Star Wars will feature some sort of a system, now it has been confirmed. More details about Battlefront’s Battlelog alternative will be shared at a later date.

On a related note, It has been revealed that Star Wars Battlefront won’t support split-screen on PC.  Although its Origin page at the time suggested otherwise, the feature will not be included in the final build.

DICE hasn’t explained why this is the case, but we can assume the reason is pretty similar to Resident Evil Revelations 2.

PC gamers use a host of different visual settings, which affects the overall experience if split-screen is added. I don’t know how true that is, but surely modders will find a way to add split-screen.