Star Wars: Battlefront “Feels Nothing Like Battlefield,” Space Battles Under Consideration

Yesterday saw Producer Jesper Nielsen take part in an ongoing discussion about Star Wars: Battlefront on the game’s sub-Reddit. His appearance was fairly active and there is plenty of information to be found through his responses to various questions.

There has been much debate about how Star Wars: Battlefront pales in features compared to its predecessor. When asked whether losing all this will be beneficial for the game in the long run, Neilsen said “I think we are working towards finishing a game that is well worth its price.”

There’s no denying the power of DICE’s Frosbite engine, but lately many have begun to speculate whether Star Wars: Battlefront will just end up as another Battlefield game with lasers. Nielsen promised that the final game will feel “nothing like Battlefield.” He then went on to assure that “would be like saying Halo or COD feels like Battlefield. Or the original Battlefront games.”

On the topic of replay value, the Producer claimed that at least some of the missions he has personally played, “will have great replayability.” He noted that the game is still not done and many missions are being worked on still, constantly improving as we approach release date.

Nielsen also categorically stated that no content is being held back from the initial release for paid DLC. There are no exceptions and you won’t find EA offering additional weapons or maps post-release, or at least that’s what we are being told.

As for the popular question of space battles, the feature is not completely out of the picture: “We have and are still discussing space every now and again. We know it has some very exciting prospects. So of course that would be fun to explore! When and if that will happen is impossible for me to say, but no, we’re not saying that space battles are evil and that we will never, ever touch them with a ten-foot pole.”

You can read through all of the discussions by heading to the game’s sub-Reddit.

Star Wars: Battlefront is confirmed for a release on November 17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.