Remedy Plans to Bring Alan Wake Remaster to Xbox One, Hints at Alan Wake 2 for PS4

Last console generation brought us some really amazing new franchises and Alan Wake is one of them. Xbox One owners will be happy to know that there is a chance of  Alan Wake being remastered for their consoles. This will give many a chance to revisit the game or experience it for the first time.

In Fact, developer Remedy – who is also working on the Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break – said they are talking with Microsoft to bring the game to Xbox One. However, Remedy’s chief creative officer Sam Lake said nothing is set in stone right now.

Lake also said that if a remastered Alan Wake hits Xbox One, it could possibly feature all of the post-release DLC.

Although the game is developed and owned by Remedy, Microsoft published the original title. When asked about the possibility of a remastered Alan Wake on PS4 and Wii U, he said it is “highly unlikely.”

Earlier this week, Remedy showed a video for an Alan Wake 2 prototype created back in 2010 to pitch to different publishers. Unfortunately, the game never made it, but that doesn’t mean they gave up on the sequel.

The studio said they would like to go back to Alan Wake after they are done with Quantum Break.

If Microsoft refuses to publish Alan Wake 2 on Xbox One, there is a possibility of Remedy putting up the game on Steam Greenlight or Kickstarter.

Ultimately, these things are business decisions. We are definitely not ruling anything out and looking at different opportunities, but nothing is set in stone at the moment.

Lake went on to say that Alan Wake 2 could be released on a platform that didn’t have the first game.

When it comes to sequels it’s our thing, we can do whatever makes sense and what’s best for the franchise overall. But obviously it depends on many different things. I think that regardless of the platform, a good sequel — while it continues the story of the original one — it’s still something that someone who hasn’t played the original one can enjoy and jump on board and dive into the setting and the world and enjoy themselves.

It’s not like a potential sequel of Alan Wake would be only something that someone who has already played everything in the Alan Wake franchise can enjoy.

Things were different in the last console generation, because Xbox 360 was in the driving seat for a while. At the time Microsoft had the luxury of sidelining some games which they feel aren’t worth it anymore.

Now, PlayStation 4 is storming the market and Xbox One has a lot of catching up to do. Also, Alan Wake has a huge fan-base and that fan-base wants to see another game.

It would be stupid of Microsoft not to publish the title for Xbox One and keep it away from PlayStation 4.