New Overlord Announced by Codemasters

After its first tease last month, Codemasters has finally announced a new Overlord game today, with a full reveal promised for tomorrow.

The teaser trailer, titled ‘Previously on Overlord,’ sums up past happenings and introduces new players to the series, as well as reminding everyone else. Just before closing out though, the narrator enthusiastically says “Evil has a new face. Well, uh, four actually,” before we get a brief glimpse of what appears to be four new Overlords.

Moments after, the video displays a top-down scene of the game in action. Judging from that and other hints in the teaser trailer, the new Overlord game could be a top-down four-player co-op experience.

The trailer then finally ends with a message saying “Join The Fellowship,” and then shows a date and time: April 23, 6AM PST, 9AM EST, 2PM GMT, and 3PM CET.

Until the full reveal, we’re just going to refer to it as Overlord 3. Platforms have yet to be confirmed, but we do know that the game is being developed in-house at Codemasters.