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May Preview Features Ability to Turn Xbox One On/Off Through Your Smartphone

New features have been announced by Microsoft for the Xbox One console and the Xbox app on Windows 10 through the preview program this month.

The company’s Major Nelson noted that some of the new features have been strongly requested by the community for some time now. Microsoft is aiming to give its users more control over its Xbox experience and to make the Xbox app more social.

Starting with the Windows 10 features, here’s what Microsoft is bringing for PC users:

  • Game DVR for PC games: The Game bar lets you record game clips of your favorite Windows games.
  • Screenshots: Take screenshots of Windows PC games by pressing Windows + Alt + PrtScr. Just as with Game DVR, you can also do this by clicking the “Screenshot” button on the Game bar.
  • Live Tiles: The Xbox tile on your Windows 10 start menu now welcomes you back, showing off your gamerpic and letting you know when you have new messages and activity alerts.
  • Avatar app: A new app is available in the Windows Store to customize your Xbox avatar’s appearance and outfit your avatar with a vast collection of items.
  • User profile: You can see another gamer’s bio, location, reputation, tenure, and other information in the more info page, including their animated avatar.
  • Real name sharing: Similar to the features we brought you in the March update on Xbox One, you can now choose to share your real name on the Xbox app with all of your friends or with everybody.
  • Xbox One Now Playing and media controls: The games and apps you’ve used most recently on your Xbox One are now displayed when you connect the Xbox app to your console. You can also use the Xbox app to pause, fast forward and rewind.
  • Live TV streaming and PIP (picture in picture) support: For preview members with an Xbox One Digital TV Tuner (in 16 European countries and Australia) or a Hauppauge 955Q TV Tuner (available in the U.S. or Canada) attached to their Xbox One, you can now stream live TV within your home from your Xbox One to Windows 10 PC running the Xbox app.
  • Xbox controller drivers: The drivers for Xbox controllers are now included with Windows 10, so you no longer have to download and install controller drivers on Windows 10.

Moving on to the console and SmartGlass updates, players would be pleased to know that they can now turn their console on/off through their cell phones:

  • Over-the-air TV for the U.S. and Canada: Earlier this month, we announced the preview for an Over-the-Air Tuner for the U.S. and Canada.
  • Power on and off from Xbox One SmartGlass: The beta versions of the Xbox One SmartGlass apps for Windows, Windows Phone and Android will be updated to let you turn your Xbox One on and off.
  • Wireless Display app: Try the Wireless Display app to cast photos stored on your phone to your Xbox One, or to stream non-protected video content from your PC to your Xbox.
  • User-selectable power mode: Select your preferred power mode, either Instant-on or Energy-saving mode.
  • Voice messages: The ability to send and receive voice messages from the Xbox One messages app continues in preview this month.

The Xbox app is said to automatically update to the April preview version once it becomes available through the Windows Store.

Source Major Nelson