Iceman, the Iconic X-Men Character Comes out as Gay

One of the most iconic characters from X-Men comes out as gay, any guesses? Well he is the Iceman a.k.a Bobby Drake.

The ‘All-New X-Men’ no. 40 i.e. the Wednesday’s issue, unveils the truth about Bobby’s sexuality. Iceman is confronted by Jean Grey, a psychic and X-men original, when he comments about a woman being hot.

The writer of the latest issue, Brian Michael Bendis says in a statement to CNN that there are uncountable stories about people who feel the need to hide their sexuality. X-Men’s storyline based on time travelling allows them to explore different platforms.

“There are thousands if not millions of stories of people who, for many different reasons, felt the need to hide their sexuality. The X-Men, with the conceit of time travel, give us a fascinating platform in which to examine such personal journeys. This is just the first little chapter of a much larger story that will be told.”

Iceman’s character has appeared in several X-Men films and also in ‘Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends’, the 1981 animated version of the comic. The book also addresses that today’s Iceman has dated women in the past and is still hiding his sexuality.

X-Men has been diversifying for quite some time now, they introduced Storm, a black female mutant and then later Northstar, the first gay mainstream character in comics.