Gotham Season 2 Will Tell The Origin Story of The Joker

The way Joker was portrayed by the late Heath Ledger, set a standard for anyone who even thinks of taking on the role. We won’t be seeing The Joker make a return in a Batman movie for a while, as there doesn’t seem to be any new plans.

However,  showrunner Bruno Heller said we will get to see the character and his origin story in Gotham Season 2. Yes! It’s finally happening.

Heller said that Gotham will explore the Origin and early days of The Joker, and how he became who he is.

You’re not going to see teases of The Joker before the end of the season, because the beginning of Season Two is a big Joker-oriented, or ‘how the Joker came to be’ kind of story.’ The beginning of Season Two is the very earliest origins of how The Joker came to be.

The character is allegedly played by Cameron Monaghan, who appeared in Shameless. Although a formal confirmation isn’t provided yet, but it’s pretty apparent by now.

Huller previously said that the wonderful thing about The Joker is that no one knows where he came from and what’s his backstory. He went on to say that what he “can guarantee is that you have to follow that brilliant young actor Cameron Monaghan down the line, and you will see how this leads to the character we all know and love.”

Gotham has been renewed for a second season, but more details about its airing are yet to be revealed. Check back with us for more updates.