Galaxy Quest TV Series is Reportedly In the Works

The Cult sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest might be coming to our Televisions soon. Reportedly, the original movie producers and writer are in negotiations to bring back the movie as a TV series at Paramount Television.

Fans have been waiting way too long for the 1999 DreamWorks movie to return, however, if they cannot have another movie a TV show is the next best option.

Robert Gordon is currently the one negotiating along with his team which includes co-writer David Howard, director Dean Parisot and executive producers Melissa Bernstein and Mark Johnson, all from the original version.

The original story revolved around the cast of the 1970s cancelled space TV who becomes real life heroes when they are assigned to save an alien nation.

Paramount is hitting a new trend by shifting their movies to TV shows in the recent years. The new film-TV show adaptations at the studio currently include “School of Rock” for Nickelodeon, “Minority Report” on Fox Drama and “Shooter” for USA Network.

Gordon might be penning down the screenplay for the show with original movie director Parisot and executive producer Johnson returning. Johnson has “Better Call Saul”, “Rectify” and “Breaking Bad” on his resume along with other hit TV shows.

Paramount has declined to talk about the speculation, if it is true the that TV series is just in the negotiation phase, it is possible that it never makes through it. However, we hope for the sake of Galaxy Quest fans that this show comes through.