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Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton Confirmed for GTA Drama ‘Game Changer’

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton from Titanic have been cast in the GTA Drama currently titled ‘Game Changer’.

The news was confirmed by BBC on Wednesday, they officially announced the plot details, synopsis and movie casting.

Radcliffe will play the character of Sam Houser (real life co-creator of GTA) whereas Paxton will be in his opposition playing the role of Jack Thompson (A lawyer who defamed the video game).

Thompson mainly targeted the GTA series claiming that the video game was manipulating juveniles to become violent. He was disbarred in 2008 after when he presented the family of an alleged Grand Theft Auto: Vice City player with a lawsuit, the kid murdered three police officers.

“mentally molesting minors for money.”- Jack Thompson

The GTA feature on BBC Two is in development and the network’s official synopsis talks about cultural landscape and the iconic game.

“Arguably the greatest British coding success story since [World War II code-breaking institution] Bletchley Park. Game Changer tells the story of an extraordinary chapter in the history of this iconic game, and reveals the major impact it has had on our cultural landscape.”

James Wood has written the Game Changer and the director for the feature is Owen Harris (Black Mirrors). A premiere date for the movie has not been announced yet.